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Kushies Nursing Pillow, Chevron Grey N940-507

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Color:Berries Pink

Color:Chevron Grey

A great addition for the mom who has our nursing pillow. Our nursing pillow cover is great for a quick change between washings if it becomes soiled after feeding. Premium quality 100-percent cotton flannel cover is easily removed for matching washing. Ethically made in Canada.


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July 23, 2018
I love this Breastfeeding pillow SO much and was pleasantly surprised by both its size and firmness. It is much bigger than I expected but it curves nicely around my stomach/hips and fits my baby perfectly. I love that it isnu2019t super squishy so that it keeps baby upright during feeding and I donu2019t feel like the pillow is u201cswallowing heru201d. Like another reviewer, I also have a My Breast Friend pillow but I find myself using this one much more often.

It is very soft to the touch and even has a removable cover that you can wash if Baby happens to spit up. I love this pillow so much and would definitely recommend it to other Mammas! I got it on sale for under $10 which I feel is a total steal, espicially compared to other more expensive pillows on the market. I only wish that they sold covers as well so that I could have an extra one while I wash it.
August 29, 2018
Great for a new born. Thankfully it was only &
$8 because only used it for a week

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