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Ball Stylus Dotting Sculpting Kit - Jaybva Polymer Clay Pottery Sculptures Tools Rubber Tip Pens for Rock Painting Ceramics Doll Modeling Carving Embossing Paper Flowers 24pcs

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What You Can do & How to Use the Tools :

- Painting dots on rocks, canvas, gourd art and more
- Making small and large dots, blending seams in clay
- Making clay dolls
- Making paper flowers
Plastic Modeling Tools ( 4pcs ) : The plastic ball rod stylus modeling tools are suitable for making dots, smooth lines in clay, sculpture, make paper flowers or embossing on soft paper, also suitable for cake, fondant flower mold, etc.
Stainless Steel ball Stylus ( 4pcs ) : The dual-ended stainless steel ball stylus tool is for shaping, frill petals and leaves that have been made with Gumpaste , Sugarpaste
Marzipan etc.
Rubber Tip Pens ( 5pcs ):The 5 pens are ideal for color shaping, blending, drawing,modeling , fine detail, touch-up work and wipe out the fingerprints . Their size are 1/4 inch width and 1/2 inch length soft tips in taper point, angle chisel, flat chisel, cup chisel, cup round shape.
Double Stylus Dotting Tool ( 4pcs ) :Dual-ended wooden pottery tools can be used for making dots, blending seams in clay,painting on rocks and making paper flowers .
Wooden Clay Ceramics Tools ( 5pcs ): 1pcs ceramic needle for hooking, 3pcs knives to create complex shapes, 1pcs fettling knife to remove the excess clay on the surface of the vessel.
Pottery Sponge ( 1pcs ): Pottery sponge is not only used to add or absorb water during production, but also to polish the pottery after being made. Sponge is made from synthetic material, it is soft and absorbent and finishes clay smoothly and is great for face painting and crafts.


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