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Bambo Nature Baby Diapers Classic, Size 3 (11-20 lbs), 66 Count (2 Packs of 33) KCK Industries Inc. AA31013390

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:Size 1 28 Count

Size :Size 3, 66 Count

Bambo Nature baby diapers are considered to be one of the very best disposable diapers in the world. Super soft and highly absorbent, perfect for both day and nighttime use. Our diapers are produced with sustainable and manufacturing processes, while ensuring they are free of harmful chemicals and perfumes to minimize the risk of allergies and diaper rash. Bambo Nature diapers have earned the Danish Asthma/Allergy certification, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, are Dermatologically-tested and FSC-certified. Our diapers are certified free of all known allergens or substances classified as locally irritating, sensitizing, carcinogenic, or mutagenic. Bambo Nature has been called the “best buy for disposable diapers” by and rated the number one diaper on


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April 2, 2016
I have done extensive reasearch and these are the best disposable diapers money can buy. They are soft enough for my baby's sensitive skin, absorbent enough so there's no leakage at night, and fit great. Oh also, supposedly, there's nothing bad in them. I wish I splurged on them earlier and wish my son didn't have to go through Pampers (our favourite conventional brand, but scared of thinking what's in them), Huggies (great for leakage and poonamies, but very strong glue smell), Kirkland brand (reek of glue), Naty (scratchy, leakage, too small fitting) Seventh Generation (adding a dye to make them look unbleached, c'mon!). I haven't heard anything negative about these diapers and after trying them I can attest that they are great. My only small criticism (other than the obvious - price!) would be regarding a bit of glue smell when you get them out of a package (Huggies, Kirkland brand diapers, and Seventh Generation have similar smell, but much stronger).
July 27, 2017
We will be cloth diapering but picked these up for the meconium/first few weeks stage while we are adjusting to life with a newborn. Our little one was 8lbs 5oz and these fit her great. We've had 2 accidents/blowouts with them but otherwise we have liked them. (Could very well have been due to putting the diaper on too loose) Would continue using them and/or would buy them again if we weren't going the cloth diaper route. No cut out for umbilical cord stump but very easy to fold down. Sure they are expensive but I don't mind paying a premium to keep my little ones nether region away from chemicals.
UPDATE: I've changed my rating from a 4 to a 2 unfortunately. While I really want to love these diapers, I've had blowouts literally EVERY time she's had a bowel movement. I've heard this about these diapers but was hoping it was just a bad fit for those babies or something. For that reason, I wouldn't buy them again. Disappointing.
January 2, 2018
Updated review and lowered my rating by 1 star. We have been using Bambo diapers for a year and a half (started at size 3) and they have been generally great diapers. Our son rarely has leaks or blowouts now, unless we wait too long between changes (longer car rides or overnight) which rarely happens. He doesn't get rashes anymore from a wet diaper and there are no perfumes or chemicals that bother his skin. We tried so many other types (Seventh Generation, Honest, Pampers, Huggies, others I can't remember) and Bambo is by far the best. If your child has sensitive skin or has large movements, these are great.

The only issues weu2019ve found are with the size 5. Our son is 30.5lbs and the diapers fall off all the time. This has only been an issue with size 5, but almost every diaper falls off while heu2019s walking, running or even sleeping. I contacted Bambo but have received no response (going on 3 months since I contacted them). Itu2019s annoying but they continue to be great diapers otherwise.
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December 1, 2016
there isnt a better natural diaper it performs just as good as chemical diapers. But at 60 cents a pop I only use this as a nighttime diaper and I use cloth diapers during the day my babe wears these 12 hours straight at night (he breastfeeds like a champ too) and that diaper is loaded he cant walk proper with it when he wakes lol! i cant imagine having my babys privates sitting in those highly potent chemical huggies for 2 years. Not these balls no thanks!
December 19, 2017
Really good product. It's the most natural diaper we could find and it actually works. Tried some other brands that are natural but they didn't hold as well as this one. Good diaper that fastens well and our daughter seems to like them and find them more comfortable than other ones (although that could also be body type) Only thing to consider when buying is that they seem to over-estimate their ranges (at the top end), so we basically go to the next size up when our daughter is a pound or two into the range and we didn't wait until she's near the top to switch, we switch based on the range of the next size up.
Amazon Customer
June 19, 2016
Best diaper we've used by far!!

Love that they're free of any harmful ingredients, are made to European standards (which are higher than other parts of the world and European countries are much more transparent as well!).

Super soft on the inside, and absorb great!! Sometimes if the diaper is super full or the pee has just happened, there might be beads of urine still on the skin but would absorb over a bit of time. I think this is why you might smell the urine a tiny bit more than in other diapers (or because there's no chemicals to cover it up!), but that being said its just a tiny bit more noticeable than other diapers, certainly hasn't deterred me from buying more of these!

A bit of a long/high back fit but don't mind this at all since it helps contain blow outs.

For those wondering about a wetness indicator: the lettering in the crotch area that indicates diaper size is what changes as an indicator rather than a line.

Also my daughter was getting mini cuts, almost like paper cuts on her thighs from other diapers (she was in between sizes for a while so the too small ones always did this, particularly in the area just below the tabs, while the too large size occasionally did this in other brands), but never in these diapers, even though they're still slightly large on her. That in itself is worth every penny!

The fact that they absorb so well and you change them less often means they're only marginally more expensive than big box brands, but so worth it!!

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