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Baby Walking Wings Learning To Walk Assistant walking safety harness by icekon NK PLUS NKMK7982HL001-0B

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Manufacturer: Icekon
Product Name:Baby Walking Wings
Material:100% breathable material
Size: chest circumference 18-24 inches
Color :Orange,blue,pink
Weight:0.16 kg
Made in China
The upgraded version of cotton twill fabric inside and outside is safe , comfortable and breathable!
Professional design which is easy to put on and take off.
A hasp make it easy to adjust.
Sling length can also be adjusted.
The fact baby is recommended to choose the basket shape one (bigger adjustable range)


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April 16, 2018
my 13-month old hated it, but kids' stuff is always hit or miss, so fair play. Way too big for him though, and he's a big kid. I'd guess it'd sized for a kid who's probably already capable of tentative walking on his/her own and can just act as a stabilizer to help them get their footing.

I would not recommend this product for the parents' sake. You know who you are and why you want to buy this; just don't. Just hold your kids' hands for another couple months; they'll let go before you are ready for it.
Amazon Customer
October 24, 2017
I bought this and assumed based on all the pictures and description the product would be orange but it comes as pink as pink can get. Good thing we are progressive parents of our little boy haha ud83dude02 Otherwise he seemed to enjoy it hope it helps with balance and strength skills!
Ashley Sharpe
May 4, 2017
Found it to be very large on my 20lbs seven month old. Will wait a bit and see if it fits then. Other than that seems to be a good product.
Susan D. Mahood
May 1, 2017
Arrived early, Great Grandbaby loved it.
May 31, 2017
Way too big for my 8 month old.
Jasmin May B. Villareal
July 25, 2018
Just ok
March 27, 2018
Product was good.
Well made but my son hated it.
I guess when babies are ready to walk they will on their own.
For us, it was a waste of money but again every babies are different, some might enjoy it~~

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